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Catanduanes is an eco-tourism island paradise located on the eastern part of the Bicol Region of Luzon Archipelago in the Philippines.

Catanduanes is now widely known as the “Happy Island”. The term “Happy Island®” is now used by many groups, individuals as well as events and activities such as Catanduanes Reef Break (Surf, Skate and Music Festival in Catanduanes), Catanduanes Provincial Tourism Office, National Media and other forms of media with topic related to Catanduanes.

A lot of people are wondering how and when it was coined/branded. The answer is here.


Catanduanes as the “Happy Island®” was first coined/branded way back in November 3, 2013 when (Karlo Adrianne R. Aguilar) of ICatanduanes Culture + Fashion (a souvenir shop of Go Catanduanes) released it’s newest t-shirt/bagtag design for Catanduanes and it’s called “Happy Island”.



The “Happy Island®” brand was also used in iCatanduanes’ Photo Contests for many times which made the term became popular especially in Social Media (April/May 2014).



Since (Karlo) the designer and social media promoter of iCatanduanes way back in 2013 was also the designer and social media promoter of Catanduanes Reef Break, the term was also used to the 2014 CRB Surf, Skate and Music Festival with the hashtag #happyisland and the term “Happy Island” became even more popular (May 2014).




Then the rest is history.

Many individuals/groups are claiming that they are the one who coined the “Happy Island®“, but this one has evidence and detailed facts. 

Yes. We set trends. Share the real and detailed story of the Happy Island® History.

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