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Palumbanes Islands Popular Must-Visit

Toytoy, Caramoran, West Catanduanes, Philippines

60 Kilometers | 2 Hours 30 Minutes

The Palumbanes or Palumbanes Islands, also referred locally as “Parompong”, is a group of islands in the Maqueda Channel that sits at the north-western part of Caramoran, a town of Catanduanes Island Province in Bicol Region.

The group of island is made out of 3 islands named Parongpong (Palumbanes) Island, Tignob Island and Calabagio Island. Palumbanes can be reached by means of a 30 minute to 1 hour boat ride from the sea port of Caramoran town.

The water is quiet amid summer – February to May, and boisterous amid the rainy season.

Palumbanes Island has a coastal village where most of the locals wander into fishing as their fundamental source of income, that is why it is considered as the fishing paradise of the north; and amid the rainstorm season, locals opt to raise poultry and plant crops. Regardless of it’s rouge magnificence, and though it is that much close to the mainstream Caramoan Peninsula, this place is still untouched to most tourists.

There are just few un-maintained nipa cottages where travelers can lease and spend a night in so we recommend you bring your own tent and procurements in the event that you plan to stay overnight.

Consumable water is rare yet there are a couple of open fixtures that can be utilized (You can just filter the water using your clothes, incase you are thirsty). Fundamental basic supply things are accesible as there are a lots of sari-sari stores in the village although essential products are sold at higher costs because most of these are transported from the neighboring towns. The only issue is if you are on the other side of the island, you may need to walk 1-hour back to the village just to get the supplies you may need, so you have to prepare them before you leave the village. Medicinal supplies are not promptly accessible.

Power electricity is distributed for under five hours a day (5pm to 10pm). After 10 pm every day, the island withdraws into dimness and quiet place so you can enjoy star gazing at night if the weather is great.

One of the best place to visit and do camping in Palumbanes Island is the Bitaog Beach. You can do photo shoots in cream-to-white shade sand and clear blue water of Bitaog Beach. When it’s windy, expect a big wave where a possibility of surfing can be done.

A trip to Palumbanes Island is never finished without trekking to Binanderahan Hill. Binanderahan is perfect when the weather happen to be windy at early morning and you waiting for the sun to rise, you can really feel the wind pushing you back and you can see the tall grasses waving like a sea.

You must also visit the Cuyabot Beach on the northern part of the Palumbanes Island. A shallow beach that has rocky islet with big waves from afar that you can still go to. Just beware of the sea urchins you might encounter along the way.

An island hop to Tignob Island just in front of Bitaog Beach is also a perfect choice. There are diving and snorkeling spots near the unspoiled beach where you can see the beautiful and colorful underwater treasures like coral reefs and fishes of Palumbanes Island.

In short, Palumbanes Island is almost a Complete Package where you can do swimming, trekking, snorkeling, surfing and island hopping.

Activities & Sceneries

  • Swimming
  • Skimboarding
  • Surfing
  • Snorkeling
  • Trekking
  • Hiking
  • Mountain / Hill Climbing
  • Camping
  • Overnight Camping
  • Relaxing
  • Picnic
  • Take Pictures
  • Boat Riding
  • Beach
  • Hill
  • Culture & Tradition Learning
  • 360 Degrees View
  • Rock Formation
  • Bio Diversity Hotspot
  • Grassland

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