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Prayer Mountain

Bigaa, Virac, West Catanduanes, Philippines

10 Kilometers | 0 Hour 25 Minutes

Prayer Mountain is located in Brgy. Bigaa, in the town of Virac, Catanduanes. Prayer Mountain of Catanduanes is currently kept and maintained by a Christian Religion (JESUS REIGNS).

It is a spiritual refuge/retreat center that is welcoming everyone to have a time out for a reflection. The place is open for everyone 24 hours/day.
Prayer Mountain exhibits 2 mini caves (grotto) and 1 medium-sized cave with water.

You must take a short trek/climb to visit the two grottos. The first grotto is the Adulam mini cave and the other one is called the Jonas mini cave. A few minutes trek will take you to the Water cave.

They build fish ponds for fishes like Catfish and Tilapia and grow vegetables for their consumption and to be sold in the market.

There are some rules to be observed when you visit or if you want to stay in the Prayer Mountain overnight or over the week.

Here are some:

  • There should have no sexual acts while inside the place.
  • Visitors should not sleep in the same bed if they are not married.
  • Illegal drugs, cigarettes and alcohols are prohibited.
  • Deadly or harmful weapon is not allowed.
  • No littering

Activities & Sceneries

  • Camping
  • Overnight Camping
  • Relaxing
  • Picnic
  • Take Pictures
  • Prayer Offering
  • Church & Shrine
  • Mountain
  • Hill
  • Cliff
  • Culture & Tradition Learning
  • 360 Degrees View
  • Rock Formation
  • Grassland
  • Forest
  • Spelunking / Caving
  • Cave

Entrance Fee




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