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Hawan Grande Luyang Cave Must-Visit

Hawan Grande, Virac, West Catanduanes, Philippines

13 Kilometers | 1 Hour 0 Minutes

Cueva de Grande locally known as “Hawan Grande Luyang Cave” is located in Brgy. Hawan Grande in the town of Virac, Catanduanes. Hawan Grande Luyang Cave is one of the vast caves in Catanduanes ever discovered. It can accommodate a hundred people or more inside. Our estimated roof height of this cave is from 70 to a hundred feet.

Locals said that Hawan Grande Luyang Cave is one of their primary shelters if the storm/typhoon that visits Catanduanes is very strong.
Locals also said that this cave was also a Japanese shelter during World War II.

Some locals usually visit this cave when it is Holy Week.

It will take you about 20-30 minutes trek to visit this cave. You must bring brighter flashlights to appreciate the place and to better roam around the area.

Hawan Grande Luyang Cave is different from the famous Luyang Cave in San Andres/Calolbon.

If you want to visit this place and has no idea where to start from, find the Brgy. Captain and he will provide you tour guide/s to this awesome place. You can give each tour guide a P100 tip.

Hawan Grande Luyang Cave is one of the tourist attractions in Catanduanes that is infrequently visited so there are no care taker of the place yet. You MUST leave the place clean so that the next people that will visit is going to enjoy it too. Visitors who will go to this place MUST STRICTLY FOLLOW THE LEAVE NO TRACE, CLEAN AS YOU GO POLICY.

Activities & Sceneries

  • Trekking
  • Take Pictures
  • Hill
  • History Learning
  • 360 Degrees View
  • Bio Diversity Hotspot
  • Spelunking / Caving

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