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Maturin Rock Island Must-Visit

Baldoc / Marambong / Tabugoc, Pandan, East Catanduanes, Philippines

125 Kilometers | 6 Hours 0 Minutes

Who would have thought that there is a gigantic island made of limestone surrounded by turquoise waters as exquisite as the Maturin Rock Island in the Northern tip of the province? Travelers will be awed and amazed with the wonderful and picturesque work of nature which is a habitat for sea snakes, migratory birds and a unique wildlife. It has been a spot for the “Born to be Wild” television series exploration. The site is covered by Barangays Baldoc, Marambong and Tabugoc which is approximately 15 kilometers from the town center of Pandan and can be reached either by car, motorcycle of by boat. Visitors can be impressed and become curious by the rock formations littered along the coastlines as these geological heritage that were sculpted by time and nature were silent witnesses to the perpetual thumping of the sea waves, fiercest storms, and the sweeping winds that rage their way.

Photo and Article Provided by: Crake Dominguez (Pandan Tourism Officer)

Activities & Sceneries

  • Swimming
  • Rock Climbing
  • Take Pictures
  • Boat Riding
  • 360 Degrees View
  • Rock Formation
  • Bio Diversity Hotspot

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